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5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park WK

I had a very good experience @ Finesse Dental. Dr. Park is amazing dentist. She is very nice and more experience.

5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park 10

Dr. Park and the Finesse Dental Group. Thank you for the Great Work you do with my Dental Care. Your compassion and Empathy means a lot.

5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park 7

Dr. Park is courteous pleasant and very professional. Highly recommended for great dental work.
-Anthony I.

5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park 9

Thank you Dr, Park & Everyone at Finesse Family Dental for all these years, I am thankful for your Support every time I Come In!
– Kiel Trinidad 🙂

5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park 8

Thank you Dr. Park For taking care of my family’s dental health. We always can Count on you for Great quality genuine Care.
– Hazel L. W.

5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park 1

Dr. Park is the best dentist that I have ever had. She is compassionate and does a great job advocating her patients through proper care returns. Thank you so much!!
– Candice

5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park 2

I had a great experience with Dr. Park. I’m so happy about the services. She took care of all my concerns. I am so happy about the services.


5stars sm
There aren’t very many reviews for this place… which makes it hard to decide whether or not you should go here, but Dr. Park is a very caring dentist!

I came in for pain in my mouth and it turned out that I actually needed a root canal due to infection- which sucked… but Dr. Park carried me through the process and was exceptionally thorough. She had me come in immediately after my first appointment as she was concerned about the condition of my infection and wanted to be sure all of it could be taken care of.
– Vicky Y. Fremont, CA

5stars sm
I always enjoyed the staff being welcoming and caring. The doctor explains the concern of healthy teeth.
– Dawn L
5stars sm
Dr. Mioak Park is the best dentist in Fremont, CA. I have been to a lot of dentists in Fremont and nobody care for their patience like Dr. Park and her staff. I would highly recommend that you call Dr. Park for all of your dentist needs.
– Luong P.
5stars sm
I recently have had a crown and filling, root cleanings done by Dr. Mioak Park. It was kind of nervous. However, Dr. Park was very gentle and explained almost everything I should know about. She made me very comfortable. Her staff was friendly and caring. The whole experience was positive, painless and professional. I would definitely recommend her and her clinic to anyone who needs a knowledgeable and caring dentist. They are the best!!
– Sungtai K
5stars sm
Dr. Park is extremely caring and watches out for my best interest. I trust her to do her best to take care of my dental needs. The office is clean and the receptionist is warm and welcoming.
– Sook Y.
5stars sm
Excellent service we received for so many years already, The work we received it´s been pain free and the place are very nice, elegant and clean. thank you, Dr. Park
– Dawn L
5stars sm
Very kind staff and a doctor. Clean and spacious place to get treatment.
– Sang W
5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park 6

Dr. Park and the staff are Kind. The extraction of Wisdom tooth was good. Thanks!
-Jung In

5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park 3

Thanks for the many years of caring for me as a person and always making sure my teeth are the best as can be. I appreciate all of the kindness your office has always shown me.

5stars sm
testimonial fremot family dental Dr Mioak Park 5

Dr. Park has been my dentist for many years. She is careful and skillful. She really is very gentle. I can recommend her to you.
-Joyce C.

5stars sm
Dr. Park and her staff are so friendly. I recommend Dr. Park to all friends and family and anyone looking for a dentist that cares about their patients.
– Candace O
5stars sm
Very good. I have no pain after visiting Dr. Park. Thank you Dr. Park you are the nicest and kindest person in the Fremont area.
I feel really comfortable whenever I visit Dr. Park
Thank you again
– Samuel S
5stars sm
Dr. Park worked on my dad’s implants, and he is quite happy with the service he received. Her team took the time to get him exactly what he needs, taking his bad gums into consideration. I’m happy that he can enjoy tougher foods again.
– Susie K. Newark, CA
5stars sm
I always have a good time when I come here. I recently had a rooting and planning along 6 cavities to be filled. Dr. Park’s office was very accommodating of my schedule and within a month I was able to get all my dental work done. The hygienists, assistants, and receptionists are all very nice and friendly along with Dr. Park. Dr. Park has a great friendly mood every time I see her. She has that mom vibe about her, she ran to give me a water bottle when I wanted to refill my water bottle with the tap water and I thought that was very sweet.

The office is very very clean. I don’t think I see a spot of dust anywhere. The bathroom is very nice too. There has never been a long wait time for me for my appointment. Can’t really ask for more.
– Narita S. Union City, CA

5stars sm
Best Dentist in the Universe!
Office workers + helpers are super friendly, thoughtful and nice! Family environment!
– Choong K
5stars sm
The office staff and my dentist make me feel welcome and understand what is going on during my appointment.
– Dawn L
5stars sm
Mioak Park is very professional and make a good job. The service is great with the patients.
– Raul C
5stars sm
Every time my family and I need to go to a dentist, we always go to Finesse to see Dr. Park. The way they treat their patients is amazing, valuable, and very caring. She takes her time with each patient and makes sure everything is okay. Out of all the dentists we went to, Dr. Park was the best one we’ve been to.
– Jane L
5stars sm
Awesome! Dr. Park, Tina & Yvette are like Family. They are amazing people & great at what they do!
– Choong Man Kim
5stars sm
every visit comes with kind, caring, and thoughtful service. there’s never been a time where I’ve received a subpar level of service. they never overcharge and are very reasonable with their prices. I recommend Dr. Park to everyone.
– Dae Y. K

5stars sm
Very happy experience through delicate treatment with detail explains. I really appreciate that.

– Scott J

5stars sm
The dentist is so kind and professional. I had a pain in my wisdom teeth which crowned 4 years ago. But now no pain! Thanks, doctor Park!

– Austin C

5stars sm
I didn’t know I was missing out until I had Dr. Park give me a check-up, cleaning and can its fillings.
Dr. Park definitely has a precise and gentle hand!!!! She calls you for follow ups to be sure you are doing fine.
Will recommend it to families and friends.
– Anonymous
5stars sm
Dr. Park is excellent. She cares for her patients and takes her time to get it right the first time. I would recommend her to any of my friends or family
– Candace O


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